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I don't give a fuck about...

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I don't give a fuck about most of the human race. humans are so hopeless and undependable. they are looking for something in this world to give them purpose and meaning. they wish to connect with the other beings of this planet but they themselves drive away those who want to be close to them

i dont give a fuck about you or ebola bitch.

Kevin I can make any fucking joke about ebola, shut the fuck up and check your privilege.

shut the fuck up kshitij. Nobody cares about your fucking trip to god damn motherfucking ebola filled libera.

about your fucking gaming laptop, Sht the fuck up kevin

idgaf about everyone. fuck everyone.

idgaf about monday. fuck mondays

i dont give a fuck about him anymore. im going out so watch out bitches

Yes you! I will leave you one day! And I don't give a fuck if you don't like it, because that is what I'm gonna do! Fuck yuu


i dont give a fuck about life. whats the fucking point. no matter what you do or how you live it you still gone end up dead in the end. the only thing i give less fucks abou than life is religion and afterlife, mostly christian. existence as a whole is fucking pointless

look. idont give a fuck about grammar. sounds like a good place to start. i'm just here to shoot the shit. if ya don't like I....FUCK OFF!!!!My name is Darrell King, and i'm an American....NO MATTER WHAT COLOR!!! I'm fucking done. Call me, and i'll tell you what I think about ALL this shit!!!! 480-335-1782. Peacecout...REDWHITEBLUE!!!

and you think you have bad days, this guy has a coochie for a neck

if you dont give a fuck, click this fuckin like

Drug addict motherfuckers when they try an tell you they aren't high! Bitch, It dark outside your eyes shouldn't be that small.

fuck it, not another day

i don't give a fuck about anything anymore. get riches, get bitches, get smoked

idgaf due to my wake and bake situation

i don't give a fuck about giving a fuck, to get a fuck.

i dont give a fuck about giving a fuck i just wanna smoke a few blunts ;)

I don't give a fuck, simply means I don't give a fuck. So fuck off!

roses are red, violets are blue, i've got five fingers, the middle one is for you

you know what? i dont give a fuck either

Fuck crushes that play with your heart

i dont give a fuck about true love

these are your friends

i tried to share this page on facebook, it didn't work. fuck them

Hi rebull <3

i admit i am powerless over not giving a fuck - and my life has finally become manageable

Have i guess what? I don't give 2 flying fucks!

Thanks Rebull for this link, Fuck it saturday :3

well my mother is a pain!! and is never happy with anything i do!!!! but i DON'T GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE!!!

ha ha i damn sure dont give a fuck!

people keep getting pissed off at me and i don't give a fuck

I don't give a fuck about people telling me about what the give fucks about

fuck it friday

i dont give a fuck about facebook. my fucking girlfriend is always cheating on me on there!

Look deeply into my will see...not one fuck is given

i hate missing someone, and knowing they don't give a fuck

i gave like 50 fucks today much fucks . FML

i dont know how i made it here but fml.

I think when the light turns green you should be able to push them motherfuckers on their cell phone out in the middle of the intersection so you can get around them. fuck them they piss me off so much I Drive a four by four and I just wanna push them in the middle of the road. I don't give a fuck

they don't give a fuck about me so i dont give a fuck about them=my family

I don't give a fuck about anything

i dont give a fuck about my job and am not going to work today. fuck them.

i dont give a fuck about you

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